Air Live in Miami Beach.

Originally uploaded by Hans Morgenstern

So Air have begun their U.S. tour in support of their new album Love 2. They kicked it off with their live Florida debut in Miami Beach last night, Saturday, Mar. 13. It was a nice show. They managed to pull off the three-piece band very well while staying true to the essence of the songs they covered. The set seemed to go by fast, as they mostly stuck with up-beat tracks, which they pulled predominantly from Love 2, 10,000 Hz Legend and Moon Safari.

Though I did my best to appreciate the music of the night, some notable a-holes distracted me from the show, including some dork who snuck in a drink and a joint. Him and his friend blocked our view for the first song and then disappeared after we moved to another location, so we went back to our seats. Then there was a stupid hipster with an even stupider Zach Efron haircut and a Bud Light who would not stop chatting with his girlfriend. He sat behind us for the first half of the show, but left early, clearly not in tune with the music. Probably went to his car to listen to some Justin Timberlake.

Anyhow, those notable jerks, aside, the show was still good. I’m just glad the up-coming Of Montreal show at the same venue is general admission, so we can at least move to another location if idiots abound.

I made a few videos (as well as the photos you see here scattered through this post) and pooled them together here. Enjoy, and do share your comments if you were there, or if you are about to see any of the future dates, which you can see in my post about the tour here. I hope you think the clips (all entire songs) bodes well for whatever upcoming date you hope to catch them at.

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