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We seek to celebrate the independent ethos of artists in music and film whose creations push against the grain of corporate-subsidized popular culture, even though interaction with the corporate world of art has grown more and more inevitable in this day and age. Above all, the spirit of independent art is celebrated here, as both critical and important. Though indie artists, labels and studios are of most interest, the existence of commercially successful artists who still get away with being creative while making a fortune will not be ignored. There are also corporate-sponsored artists who the industry takes an honest chance on as originals and pioneers.

We do not pretend that there is no social part in creating art. This cannot be avoided. Even though most of the focus is on the final product, we like to hear from artists about the creative process (there will be interviews on this blog both new and reprinted from the past). Finally, it’s important to point out that the artist’s vision is seldom synonymous with ultimate meaning, which is a highly subjective and personal experience. That said, we tend to favor the psychological implications of art, particularly in film (we like to call the movie screen a mirror).

Speaking of film, when it comes to movies, good old-fashioned film remains the preferred medium, despite its gradual continued disappearance. Likewise, as far as listening to music, nothing rivals the warm sound of a clean slab of vinyl. Expect lots in regards to vinyl reviews, reissues, and even finds during record hunts.

As for digital media shared through this blog, we by no means intend to profit off any artist by sharing mp3s and videos, least of all contribute to the pockets of bootleggers, but we may cover both official and unofficial material, both in regards to music and film, for the sake of thorough representation and historical reasons and also to benefit the artists’ exposure. If anything shared seems an offense to any artist or its sponsor, it will be removed upon request.

Contact us directly via email: indieethos(at) with any leads you want to share. Studios, labels, bands, pitches from contributors are welcome (do share any clips with any pitches, but remember, this is not for money). We’d be happy to analyze vinyl records and/or promos. Those can be sent by mail to:

Independent Ethos
10500 SW 108 Ave. #B-306
Miami, FL 33176

Finally, you can also subscribe to alerts of posts here and get lots of bonus news on music and film by subscribing to our Twitter account: @Indieethos. We also have a  Facebook page we hope you will “like” and follow.

Remember, we at Independent Ethos take art seriously and can be critical. Art must move us forward and stimulate the intellect and the primal senses at the same time.


Hans Morgenstern - headshot

Hans Morgenstern
Editor & Creative Director

Hans holds a degree in print journalism from Florida International University and a Master’s degree in English with a certificate in Film Studies from the same university with many years of experience in the publishing world. A card-carrying member of the Society of Professional Journalists and a voting member of the Florida Film Critics Circle, Hans has been writing about music in magazines and weeklies since 1992. His work has appeared in the pages of various publications including: The Miami Herald, Pure Honey, The Miami New Times, The Broward/Palm Beach New Times, CMJ Music Monthly, Goldmine Record Collector’s Magazine, among others. On-line, he’s a national film critic for and covers the Miami art, film and music scenes on Cultist and Crossfade blogs.

On Movies:
Hans’ film experience comes from an academic background. He wrote his Master’s thesis on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its subversion of the classical Hollywood cinema form (read an abridged version here: Hans has taught a class on cinema and American Culture at Barry University for several semesters before completing a Master’s degree. During his studies, he presented a thesis paper on Eyes Wide Shut on an academic panel as part of the university’s involvement with the Miami International Film Festival. Hans has also spent several years working at the MIFF and the Miami Jewish Film Festival working in the programming departments at both festivals.

On Music:
Hans’ interest skews toward the alternative rock world. The figurehead for his musical tastes starts with David Bowie, which makes him a big fan of the early ‘70s progressive/art rock scene, German Krautrock music of that same era, then the later postpunk movement in England, which also spawned Goth rock, industrial and the new romantics in 80s. He also has a keen interest in contemporary scene of alternative music, including post rock, dream pop, shoegaze, twee, noise pop, pastoral chamber pop scene. Current bands of major interest include Deerhunter, MGMT, Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire, among others.

Ana Morgenstern profile pictureAna Morgenstern
Co-founder & Contributor

Originally from Mexico City, Dr. Ana Morgenstern is a researcher based in Miami, FL. An expert in contemporary Latin American Politics, she searches for the intersections between art, politics and the human experience. Her research has been published in academic journals. An avid reader and cinephile, Ana’s favorite films from contemporary film auteurs include: Pedro Almodóvar (Talk To Her), Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank), Noah Baumbach (Greenberg), Andrew Bujalski (Mutual Appreciation), Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides), Wong Kar-wai (In The Mood For Love), Carlos Reygadas (Post Tenebras Lux), Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof). Some of her favorite contemporary albums include: Belle & Sebastian (The Boy With the Arab Strap), Camera Obscura (My Maudlin Career), Carla Morrison (Compartir), Fleet Foxes (Helplessness Blues), Fiona Apple (Extraordinary Machine), Mala Rodriguez (Malamarismo), Of Montreal (False Priest).

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  1. nilda Says:

    Fantastic work wish all the best in the world , glad you did it!!!!

  2. Dave Chiprean Says:

    Exceptional post you have established here! The internet is stuffed of horrid penning and I was taken hold of by your lucidity. Your decisions are correct and I will instantly subscribe to your rss feed to stay up to date with your up emerging postings. Yes! I acknowledge it, your composition style is phenomenal and I will work harder on mine.

    • indieethos Says:

      Why, thank you, I must say. I still feel a bit rough around the edges in finding my blogging voice, and I am trying to be quicker on the news side of things. I appreciate your staying tuned to this site!

  3. sandy Says:

    You sound and read like a very credible writer. I look forward to exploring your blog.

  4. Jordan Jeronimo Says:

    Awesome and keep up the good work!

  5. Marisol Says:

    Discovered your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later .. As a Noob, I am constantly seeking online for articles and reviews that can help me. Appreciate it! My best wishes, Marisol.

  6. bottelsen darts Says:

    I’m adding your blog’s rss feed so that i can see your new posts. Keep up the good work!

  7. Dina Says:

    I am glad I stumbled on to your blog! Do you have a Twitter Handle?

    • indieethos Says:

      Alas, I have not activated it yet. But if and when I do, I will post about it here. In the meantime, I would recommend you subscribe via email or look me up on Facebook where my posts automatically appear upon publication. But email would be the most consistent way to get notice.

  8. Marion Harris Says:

    I have a Bowie Station to station ashtry. No chips. Would you know if it is valuable? thanks

  9. Marion Harris Says:

    I can send a picture of mine. Would like to get the best price for it. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated.

    • indieethos Says:

      I am not looking for one, however. I have no idea what the price may be on this. I would recommend putting it on ebay with an image and noting the condition in detail.

  10. Taylor Zeeklers Says:

    I love your web site, it’s a master peace!

  11. Great resource! Keep up the great work.

    Mark Blasini

  12. Chung Casarz Says:

    I just want to tell you that I am new to blogging and site-building and definitely loved your blog site. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You definitely have impressive articles and reviews. Thanks a lot for sharing your website.

  13. Ali Sarjeant Says:

    I simply want to say I am all new to blogs and honestly loved your web site. I’ll bookmark your blog. You absolutely have terrific articles and reviews.

  14. table9mutant Says:

    Look forward to further exploring your blog. But, unlike you, I don’t know anything about anything! Lol. Just really like watching movies. And David Bowie! Yes! 🙂 I’ve posted about him quite often.

  15. Hi Hans,

    I got to discover your blog while searching for reviews about “Stories we tell ” by Sarah Polley.
    I usually enjoy reading a reviews about a movie I liked, and I do it after, always after seeing a movie, never before ( to keep the mystery of the theme and scenario ).
    Last week, I got to see her documentary ( which is fantastic, I had found “Away from her” to be a marvel, therefore the name of Sarah Polley alone draw me to see her documentary ) and I also saw ” The attack”, which succeeds in being quite neutral when it’s extremely difficult not to choose “your side” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    I must congratulate you on your blog : its content is of high quality and very well written, especially by someone who studied and lives in Miami. I live in Miami too and people who write well do not come by very often around here 🙂
    I will follow it from now on.
    There are so many blogs out there which are really not interesting; they are more like diaries, a way for someone to express feeling or tell about one’s day…and not very informative.
    I wonder how you find the time to write such detailed articles though ? Blogging does take a lot of time.

    Feel free to contact me ( via my blog ) to share a coffee one of these days and share some insight about a few movies we particularly liked.

    All the best,


    • indieethos Says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Arielle. I know what you mean about most bloggers. The way I see a blog is a chance to write about something that will normally not see publication in Miami. I’ve been writing for “Miami New Times,” covering music, film and art, so many years, and it’s all about the local angle or, even better for them, the scandal. I have a terrible interest in the more obscure art for that art’s sake. I don’t care that I don’t get paid for these reviews, I just do them for the reward of someone like you looking for and getting the satisfaction of reading something different. It gives me great hope (especially being in Miami!).

  16. swo8 Says:

    I like your web site. Have a look at mine.

  17. Hi Ana, hi Hans,

    Just to let you know, I mentioned your blog in my last post
    ( see link below ).
    Happy Holidays and wishing you an inspiring year full of wonderful movies !
    All the best,

  18. Kizzy Says:

    Hey y’all!! I wanted to say that I’m really happy this blog exist and its contribution to the local cinema scene. Even though I’m not as active as I wish I could be I’m so stoked it’s thriving and I believe because of you guys. Keep up the good work!

  19. vinnieh Says:

    I’m happy I found your blog, it’s really neat.

  20. thatcathood Says:

    Stumbled upon Indie Ethos while cramming for tmw’s (today’s?) face-to-face with Monica Bellucci and damn glad that I did so too! Miami can never have enough keen; that we’re de facto colleagues makes it even keener!

    Here’s hoping we collide one of these days — or nights!

    John Hood.

  21. Keith Foldesi Says:

    Hi, does your blog hire freelance writers?

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