“The Man Who Fell to Earth’: the last of the great sci-fi revolution in film re-enters theaters

January 24, 2016

This coming Thursday, Jan.28 at 7 p.m., the Coral Gables Art Cinema will present a one-night-only screening of The Man Who Fell to Earth in memory of the film’s star: David Bowie. Here’s a hotlink for tickets.

I revisited the film a few years back when Rialto first re-released a restored print. You can read my thoughts on this last of the truly artful sci-fi films of the 1970s before going to the screening. It wasn’t just one of the most important Bowie performances but an important film for the genre…

Independent Ethos

Though it was David Bowie‘s first starring role in a feature film, Nicolas Roeg‘s 1976 movie the Man Who Fell to Earth is far from a star vehicle, and much more a movie firmly in place with the ambiguity of narrative immersed in the striking visuals of the Roeg canon. Of course, Bowie’s performance as an extraterrestrial on film inspired no-brainer comparisons to his alien rocker character on stage: Ziggy Stardust, a musical persona he had only just retired in 1973. Also, Bowie’s fey manner, inhumanely skinny frame, pale skin and shock of orange hair suited the movie so well the man himself seemed a special effect. Even now, on its 35th anniversary, as the film finally makes the rounds in its original director’s cut at US art houses with a newly restored 35mm print or HD theatrical projection via Rialto Pictures, Bowie stands out among…

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