“MGMT” Out Sept 17 with Visual “Optimizer” – Hear Five New Songs

June 26, 2013

I don’t think I could have offered as much in-depth coverage on the up-coming MGMT album as well as “The Future Heart.” Read about the journey and hear five new songs in this brilliant blog post…

The Future Heart

Poor sales of [MGMT’s] last psychedelic release” – sophomore record Congratulations – resulted in their label pressuring them “to make a very different third album,The Daily Record falsely claimed in a September 2010 “Exclusive,” just five months after the LP was issued. “The band admit label bosses will not be giving them as much creative space,” the infamous Scotland tabloid claimed, attributing frontman Andrew VanWyngarden with saying Columbia would “be more involved and not give us as much freedom…We’ve been looking at relationships with the label during the recording process and it’s quite different this time.

A few days after “news” of Columbia’s alleged dissatisfaction with Congratulations circled the web, numerous sites spread another rumor: drummer…

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4 Responses to ““MGMT” Out Sept 17 with Visual “Optimizer” – Hear Five New Songs”

  1. […] “MGMT” Out Sept 17 with Visual “Optimizer” – Hear Five New Songs (indieethos.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Jen Says:

    I love their music video for their new song Your Life Is A Lie. Also, love that I got a free download after pre-ordering the album. http://smarturl.it/YourLifeIsALieVideo

    • indieethos Says:

      It’s a great song and video. I wished I had a chance to share that video here and comment on it. It’s quite rich, as this band is often shorted credit for their their deeper existential observations in their lyrics.

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