My review of David Bowie’s new album in ‘Miami New Times’

March 1, 2013

thenextdaySo I received the email early last night from David Bowie’s management, regarding his new album the Next Day: “You’ll be receiving the David Bowie album stream sometime this evening.”

Little did I know everyone else would too.

You can stream the full 14-track album now. You’ll have to have iTunes installed on your computer, however. Read the news and see the link to the stream here (that’s a hotlink). The live stream will remain available on iTunes until the album’s official release (in the U.S. that’s March 12 [Support Independent Ethos, purchase on Amazon]; the vinyl sees release March 26).

That surprising stream for all meant I had to hustle to write up a review so my voice as a longtime Bowie fan is not left out of the mix among other critics. I promised the piece to the “Miami New Times.” After four listens, I produced a review verging on a 1,000 words. I hope my 30-plus years as a hardcore Bowie fan and chronicler provides something as insightful.

You can read the resulting review after jumping into the Miami New times Logo below (the image is a hotlink):

Miami New Times logo

Hans Morgenstern

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