Tracks on Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg vinyl out of order

November 3, 2009

I just got Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg on vinyl and all the tracks are out of order! It seems the songs listed on the vinyl do not correspond with what is on the actual physical vinyl records.

For instance, “New Moon Rising” is track 3 on side C on the physical record and not track 2 on side A as listed on the record jacket. All tracks seem to be on random play, as if you chose the option on a CD player, and it hurts my head because it can’t be undone. Granted, some might think this makes it a killer collectible, but I wanted a record in the proper playing order.

As I played it, I noticed the flow of the songs felt weak (yes, there is an art to arranging songs on a record, especially a four-sided vinyl release!), and sure enough, upon close inspection, the tracks listed on the sleeve did not correspond with what was on the vinyl. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with the vinyl version.

I just re-ordered a copy from Amazon, hoping it will be accurate. I will report back, of course.

31 Responses to “Tracks on Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg vinyl out of order”

  1. Anna Says:

    Random is good! It keeps you second guessing, like you got a DJ inside the record 🙂

  2. Will Says:

    Wow that’s a pain in the ass!

    • indieethos Says:

      Tell me about it. Let me know if you ever get this vinyl and if the same thing happens to you. In the meantime, the label is investigating this screw up.

      • Alex Says:

        I just purchased this vinyl today at Borders and I have the same problem. It’s really upsetting because I dragged 4 boxes of my parents music up from the basement and now I want to get vinyls…but this is so disappointing that I have to kick of my vinyl purchasing experience with a snafu.

  3. indieethos Says:

    OK, so I have spent the morning looking into this mess (instead of writing my promised Faust review)…

    The folks at Modular (Wolfmother’s label in Australia) are clueless about this mistake as, they said, they have yet to receive a single vinyl copy at their business and said an outside company pressed it (Interscope?). Here’s the email they wrote me:

    “Hey Hans, we did not do the pressing or the production for the vinyl. We are unsure if this has happened to any other copies & are unaware of this fault, no one has informed us of the error. We haven’t even received any copies of the vinyl yet to check for ourselves that the track listings are correct.

    We would suggest you check with the place you purchased the vinyl from & let them know of the problem to see if they can send you a replacement.

    Thanks, Modular.”

    Personally, I really don’t think Amazon will help, so I re-ordered from another seller, and I shall compare what I find on there.

    Then, added to this mystery is the fact that when I downloaded the tracks with the code from the slip included in the vinyl is that the mp3s arrived in the same mismatched order as on the vinyl. As I downloaded the tracks, I contacted Neurotic Media, who handle tech support for the download. They responded with: “We are looking in to the track issue and will forward to the appropriate parties.”

    So, for now, the track order the MP3s came in is as follows (I’ll have to kick back and listen to the record again to see if this is the same order that’s on the physical vinyl platters, which will have to be later tonight, as I have to head to the full-time job now):
    01 California Queen
    02 Phoenix
    03 White Feather
    04 In The Morning
    05 10,000 Feet
    06 Caroline
    07 Eyes Open
    08 In The Castle
    01 Back Round
    02 Cosmic Egg
    03 New Moon Rising
    04 Cosmonaut
    05 Sundial
    06 Far Away
    07 Pilgrim
    08 Violence Of The Sun

    • indieethos Says:

      So Modular got back to me, and they said:

      “Hey Hans, just found out that the vinyl version track listing is different from the cd & its meant to be like this. Not sure why but apparently its not a error with the pressing.

      Thanks, Modular.”

      Still, this source doesn’t seem to know why the track listing change or why the print on the label jacket doesn’t correspond with what’s on the wax, so the investigation continues…

  4. Michael Says:

    I have bought the vinyl as well, and mine has the same problem. Weird.

    It’s anonying.

  5. ostrov Says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

  6. Jocke Says:

    I got the record today.
    When I should download the mp3 version, the link doesnt work.
    How and where did you download it?
    Please let me know….

    Best regards Joakim

    • indieethos Says:

      Good luck with that! That was troublesome for me too. I basically had to take away all my security form my browser to do it. Rather than share those steps, as you might have a different setup than I do, the slip with the code number you used online has an email that you can write to if you have trouble with the download. Write them with what browser you are on and which version and what went wrong. They will walk you through the steps in an email. It may take a couple of days for them to respond.

      Hey, so are the tracks on the jacket of your vinyl out of order, too? I hear the Australian pressings were corrected but no news on any attempt to fix the US pressing.

  7. Mike Says:


    Same problem here…


  8. James Says:

    I just bought a copy from an independent record shop in Minneapolis, just listened to it for the first time and found the same problem. My guess is that the whole US batch is messed up. Way to go second party hands.

  9. Billy Bob Says:

    Did anyone consider maybe they did it to make the tracks fit properly in the time available for each side? I haven’t bought this yet, but that was my first guess when reading this. If that is the case, then they just screwed up the track listings on the jacket.

    • indieethos Says:

      You are correct, Billy Bob, the tracks on the records are right, the sleeve is wrong. Australia, the band’s originating country, has so far reported the correct listing on the jacket (it came out later there). No word on corrections for the U.S. release yet!

  10. drokcab Says:

    Spinning mine for the first time now and I have the same problem. It is pretty annoying; I was looking for a particular song and it was different than what was listed. It’ll be a bitch to memorize everything.

    • indieethos Says:

      Man, I hope it doesn’t turn you off to vinyl. This is a rare instance, and the problem probably lies somewhere at Interscope, the cold-hearted major label who can’t give a shit about the details.

      Most new vinyl I have bought turns out fine, though not all are of the same quality in sound, which is more important to know (and I hope to detail more of when I write about records, which I have not done in a while!).

  11. James Says:

    I just purchases this record from Amazon as well and mine is messed up as well (wax and paper track listing don’t match) It’s odd, because amazon has a picture of the RIGHT back cover on the page I ordered it from.

  12. jake Says:

    same thing with mine and the digital download didn’t work

  13. Glen Says:

    I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I just bought this album on Amazon and have run into the same issue. I contacted the seller and they replied they’d had the same issue, but only on CDs, and they didn’t have another vinyl copy to check. I put in a note through the Wolfmother website, but haven’t heard much back yet… I’ll let you know if I do though.

    • Glen Says:

      Also, just to confirm, here’s the track lists I’ve got:

      The back of the album, inside (with lyrics), and label on the vinyl all list the order as:

      Side A:
      California Queen
      New Moon Rising
      White Feather

      Side B:
      In The Morning
      10,000 Feet
      Cosmic Egg
      Far Away

      Side C:
      Eyes Open
      Back Round

      Side D:
      In The Castle
      Violence of the Sun

      The actual track order is:

      Side A:
      California Queen
      White Feather
      In The Morning

      Side B:
      10,000 Feet
      Eyes Open
      In The Castle

      Side C:
      Back Round
      Cosmic Egg
      New Moon Rising

      Side D:
      Far Away
      Violence Of The Sun

  14. yup same problem here !

  15. Brayden Says:

    It’s interesting that in three years this error still exists. Just received my copy and the tracks are in the same incorrect order….

    • indieethos Says:

      Ugh. Keeps this old blog post relevant, at least.

    • Pete Says:

      (UK) Just realized the order was wrong on one i bought end of last year (2014) went to look it up and found this blog post… looks like we will never see one in the right order

      • Hans Says:

        I think you’re right. It’s been ages, and I’m certainly over his record by this point. But I’m glad this post is still proving informative.

  16. Benjamin Says:

    Yep, same problem over here in Helsinki, Finland! Although it took me almost 2 years to notice since I often just put the record on and enjoy the music without looking at the tracklist 🙂

  17. Mike Says:

    Purchased mine last week from amazon and I have the same issue. Although I look at it as a uniqueness just like vinyl itself. As long as all the tracks are there who cares. This album is a banger. – Cheers

  18. fredde Says:

    Same problem here, And i know why, All The US press are miss-print

  19. evan Says:

    Yes i have that as well . I downloaded the cd. As there are 3 songs backtobacktoback on the lp i really dig. One one of them are in that order on cd.track listing is wrong . Which seems pretty unneceptable.. major recording and they screw up like this .. i dont mind the orde . As u said it didnt flow. I find it does. But no clue who decised this was a good idea. . Clearly a mass error

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